Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day: They Are Beautiful Because They Can Kiss

Okay, obligatory Mother's Day post, I guess. But I have something I just can't pass up sharing.

Something besides this photo, I mean.

 photo 013_zps0b1a46d2.jpg
Ben Folds said it best: I am the luckiest.
Also, J is nefarious.

And also this one of My Sister the Goddess, our mom, and me.

 photo 017_zps7294367f.jpg
Do you think any of us look alike?

You should know, if you don't already, that I am incredibly blessed to enjoy a happy, close, drama-free relationship with both my mom and my sister. We live close to one another, are intimately involved in each other's lives, work together to raise all six of the children, and only occasionally get bossy with each other. Okay, well, my mom and I are the World's Biggest Most Uptight Bosses and My Sister the Goddess is totally chill and patient and kind, so it's actually pretty funny that we all get along as well as we do. In a sitcom we'd be at each other's throats. Instead, we are happy.

No, what I was REALLY anxious to share with y'all was this strange, unexplained book that B, who is six, brought home from school on Friday. He wasn't able to explain much about it, being interested in decompressing with a big pile of Transformers after a long day at school. The "book" is comprised of several recycled coloring pages stapled together, and while his brother, J, had one, too, also on the subject of mothers, it wasn't nearly as wild as B's. I think they were told to use some cause and effect in their stories, but beyond that, I am left wondering at the specific prompt, beyond "mom."

(To preface: You should know that they boys only recently encountered the idea that "kissing is gross," and of course they picked it up from classmates. They've worked out a system by which kissing is okay. Kissing is okay at home, but at school they just don't do it and they play along with the "ewwww" of their friends' reactions. I don't think they have any concept of romantic kissing; just nice, familial kisses from their parents. At school, this is considered gross. But at home, they will gladly take part. Fair enough.)

I'll translate after each page, okay?

 photo 020_zps4f493b65.jpg

"Grandparents Mom is my BFF because they are beautiful."

 photo 021_zpsac2ce924.jpg

"They are beautiful because they can kiss."

 photo 022_zpsf702c9a1.jpg

"They can kiss because I like it."

 photo 023_zpse91a778e.jpg

"I like it because I'm used to it." (It's like Stockholm Syndrome, this kissing business.)

 photo 024_zps8ab6c73b.jpg

"I get used to it because my mom is the best!"

It all follows, right??!!

I'll take whatever kisses I can get, because a little boy thinks that I am beautiful and the best. The end.

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