Monday, April 15, 2013

Lemme Sum Up

Well hello, beautiful.

 photo image_zps287656dd.jpg
J at a swimming lesson

I'm back.

 photo image_zps02c42c6e.jpg
From left to right: Wolverine, Cap, and Batman,
as presented by Wolverine.

We here at Keeping Up with the Cases have taken a nice long leave of absence in order to get sick back-to-back-to-back (to back), cheer The Professor through his comprehensive exams (he passed 'em all!), and crawl our way through early spring.

It's been tiring. Worthwhile, but tiring.

 photo image_zpsaa372c80.jpg
H, tired Daddy, lizard boy

As you might be able to tell, I've also joined the 21st century and gotten on Instagram. You can find me under the handle casemama, if you so choose.

But once you see how steeped in nerdom I am, maybe you won't choose. That's your constitutional right, and I respect that.

 photo image_zpsc4069985.jpg
My contribution to First Contact Day, because oh lordy.
We've sustained a few bumps and bruises along the way, and even a trip to the E.R. after tripping and gaining a "Harry Potter scar."

 photo image_zps0bf1b984.jpg

Besides taking part in freak, forehead-gouging falls, King Peter the Boy has also plastered my fridge with approximately 20 pictures a day. We're all actually quite impressed at her artistic skills. In comparison, her older brothers' drawings look like potato people.

 photo image_zps7e645794.jpg
This is a mama unicorn. Just let that sink in.
A lot of my time has been spent persuading my husband to undertake a kitchen remodel this summer, researching kitchens, discovering that we don't have enough money to do a good remodel this summer, falling into a tailspin of despair and anguish, being mean to my husband because he won't ever let me do anything, making it up to him because I am a child, coolly and calmly coming up with better kitchen designs and a game plan with my awesome, patient mother, resolving to in fact undertake a thorough and awesome remodel next year, and scoring a vintage gas stove on Craigslist for pennies because that's how I roll.

 photo image_zps62842432.jpg
I swore out loud when I found it.
And made my husband pick it up directly
after his oral examination finished.

Don't worry, I'm still making plans for things The Professor can do this summer, since no summer of ours is complete without a huge honey-do list. Also don't worry, because the kitchen is a go for next year. We just don't want to have to cut corners, as would certainly be the case if we rushed into it now. Bonus: I have more time to plan and shop!

So that's our past month or so in a nutshell. Now, mid-April, we're delighting in unfurling flowers, the occasional sunshiney day that breaks up the monotony of (much-needed) rain, and the duck couple who have made our neighborhood their nesting home for the fifth year in a row. I mean, seriously. I get to walk outside in a free country in a wonderful neighborhood and visit with ducks. What more could I wish for?

I can only hope your spring is as awesome.

Vintage stoves for all!

ps: If you caught The Princess Bride reference, you get 50 points for Gryffindor.

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Raechel said...

I caught the Princess Bride reference before I even clicked over from my Bloglovin' email.

Yes, I get a Bloglovin' email every morning. And the mornings in which it contains a post from CasaMama, well, those are the best.

Glad to have you on Instagram. And excited about your next summer kitchen remodel!