Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Random Post in March

I don't have much time or energy to put together the semblance of a rational post. I'm sorry, but we're deep in the throes of Stomach Bug 2013. Or at least Stomach Bug Early Part of 2013, because let's not forget the depressing fact that there is more winter at the end of this year.

I'm sorry. I'm like this every March. March in northern Illinois is always hard, especially for light junkies like me. I am absolutely addicted to sunshine. (I hope you've read Sunshine by Robin McKinley, the best book my favorite author has ever written, and if you have you'll just nod your head solemnly when I state that my element is sunshine.) All my magic happens when I've been soaking in sunshine. I made myself buy a ludicrously huge and floppy sunhat last summer so I won't meet an untimately death via skin cancer at the age of 42. I think I have solar cells in my fingernails. I can feel myself soaking up the sun. Sunsunsunsunsun.

Okay, I'm done waxing eloquent about sunshine. Do you want to hear about puke? Of course you don't. Just know our lives have been full of it. It's just how things are, but knowing that doesn't make the last couple of weeks any easier.

Add to all of this the fact that The Professor is feverishly studying for his comprehensive exams. These are his field tests that, once completed and passed, give him the "all clear" to start working on his dissertation. These exams are the bridge between classes and dissertation, and they represent an insane amount of reading and studying. I never want to do anything like this in my life. I have no higher education ambitions, and I respect him hugely for doing this. In the middle of it all he caught the virus, too, so things are, understandably, a little insane and off-kilter around here.

All I want is an all-expenses-paid tropical vacation. Without kids. Is that so much to ask?

Just to keep things in perspective: We are, besides the bug, healthy. And happy. Our kids are smart and energetic and fun. We have a great home, heat, and plenty of food. I am sitting here, wrapped up in my Star Trek blanket and drinking coffee, while three of my children nap and none of them throw up. I have so many blessings.

Anyone else out there battling the bug? It's going around here. Just in time for spring break.

Anyone else out there just want sun?

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