Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thank You For Being a Friend Hot Husband

I'd just like to send out a huge public THANK YOU to two wonderful men: my hot husband and my father-in-law, who I know my mother-in-law also thinks is hot, thankyouverymuch.

The Professor learns how to make cappuccinos
at Flint Crepe Company.
You want to go to there.

These two men are working tirelessly all week to complete two big projects in our home that have been hanging over our heads for a long time: patching up water damage to plaster walls and finishing our upstairs half bathroom. If you know anything about anything, then you know two things: a) plaster work is THE WORST EVER and that a homeowner of a home with plaster walls will do anything in his or her power to avoid ever knocking down said plaster walls or even just having to fix them, I promise, they are that bad; and b) bathroom jobs involving plaster walls are pretty bad too, actually.

The moral of this story is that these men are geniuses and saints and also hot husbands who gladly give of their time (my father-in-law is giving us a week!) to fulfill my whims while my kids, my mother-in-law, and I all fart around and play, lalala, we know nothing about plaster, wheeee!

Here are some further (and more specific) examples of their awesomeness:

  • My father-in-law spent his first day working crawling around in the attic (which is of course unfinished and creepy and also four million degrees Fahrenheit) to reconfigure wiring because I wanted lights and switches a certain way.
  • I demanded a deep chair rail and shelf all the way around the bathroom for picture display and other purposes of awesome. They both sighed, looked at each other in mild exasperation, and then bought the materials to make this happen. (Note: My FIL is a carpenter so I make these sort of proclamations with complete faith in both his abilities and in my husband's ability to just go with the flow and learn. I hear my MIL has been doing the same for years.) Later I got a call from my husband, asking if I would like his dad to make a slight ornamental edge on the shelf with his dremel, which is about 14 steps beyond what I was thinking. "YES," I said very quickly. "WHY YES I WOULD."
  • I showed my husband a tutorial on making a funky pendant lamp and basically demanded that he "Make it so." He said, "Okay, but please stop quoting Star Trek."

There are many, many more examples, but I'm just going to stop there and let you bask in the glow of their combined amazingness and my blatant nerdiness.

(I didn't watch Star Trek: The Next Generation until after we got married and HE INTRODUCED IT TO ME, so really, I am his own terrible creation.)



gina said...

When can your readers expect to see the big reveal?

Raechel said...

Yes, when?!

Christine said...

Next week?? We'll see how comfortable I feel then. A girl's gotta accessorize.

Ta said...

I've been very tempted to drop by to check on their progress, but want you, Christine, to see it before I do, so I'll control myself. Hope you're having fun. Hurry 5 are missed.