Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Way Back Whensday: Our Wedding, Take 2

I'm doing this post in a hurry because Charlotte is waking up (and subsequently squawking VERY LOUDLY), so this may be disjointed. But it's Way Back Whensday again, and Raechel has suggested we post about our weddings. My second WBW post showcased some snapshots from my wedding taken by guests, so this time around I'll share some of the professional photographs.

You'll notice the large PROOF - 2005 ZUMARE IMAGES, INC. written across each picture. This is because I paid a lot of money for very good pictures, and our photographer wanted to make sure I wasn't, you know, stealing his proofs. I understand this. The upside of this is that I got fantastic pictures. The downside is that I got proofs with his name SPLASHED ACROSS THEM, and to order any more actual copies of the photos would cost so much I may have to sell one of my children.

With the way he is behaving today, I would choose Baylor. But if you ask me again tomorrow, that may have changed.

Anyway, do your best to ignore the copyright mumbo-jumbo. I can ignore it because my mother, sister, and I (as I outlined in aforementioned wedding post) fell deeply and abidingly in love with Brian, the photographer, and in my eyes, he can do no wrong.

Oh, and these pictures are all in a bizarrely backward order. Sorry.

On of my favorite shots.
It's the final picture in our album.

You just wish you had ridden away from
your wedding ceremony in a vintage T-bird.

Brian used this shot in a wedding magazine
advertisement for his business.

A shot of the church.

That's my dad hanging out with us.
He and my uncle performed the ceremony.

My garter wouldn't stay on.
Oh, to be thin again.

The nicest flowers I will ever possess
in my life. I loved them.

And finally, a fun shot that
also made it into the album.
My sister-in-law making
sure my hair is perfect.
Thanks, Janie. I've got your back, too.


Raechel said...

Yay! These are so pretty! Thanks for being my one linky! And, yes, you were thin and boobalicious! We all were pre-motherhood! Now we're only boobalicious when we're lactating!

Tracy said...


Mighty M said...

Those are great shots - what a beautiful wedding! Love the attempt to block the hair spray!! ;-)

Gallo Pinto2 said...

That's so cool that he used that pic in a wedding mag ad! Though I'm not surprised - I LOVE it!

I'd be afraid to know how much he cost though!

Beautiful :)

4cunninghams said...

You guys had such a beautiful wedding!!!

Steve said...

You should tell the story about that garter.

Tara said...

christine, your wedding photos are gorgeous! you were a beautiful bride!