Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Hello Goodbye

I'm dropping in to make official what was probably obvious awhile ago: I'm done with this ole blog. There are probably a couple of spambots who will be sad, and I'm sorry, bots. I really am.

I started this blog over 6 years ago, when my kids were small and numerous and I needed an outlet to preserve my sanity. My family outgrew this blog a few years ago, and by that I mean that my children aged (imagine! I didn't see that happening) and their stories were...their own stories. Sometimes I can tell their stories, but by and large they are their own awesome people, learning and stumbling along with the rest of us. Baby stuff on the internet isn't such a big deal; second grade failures and triumphs are private.

Plus, once I curbed the kids' stories, I was left grasping for content, and Keeping Up with the Cases started to feel like an unfun obligation. Who needs that? Life is busy enough. Here's a lesson: No matter how sad it might seem, prune what feels like an unfun, unnecessary obligation. My blog did its job, and now I'm cutting ties. Plus the Kardashians crashed my party and made me look like a copycat, even though I was here first.

I stopped my domain name because I'm cheap, so now you'll have to type in "blogspot dot com" to get here. Why do you need to get here? I, myself, am running away and never looking back. I'll eventually shut down comments and close down the email account.

My husband asked that I include a shameless plug for him here, too. He's on the sidebar, too, but just as a reminder, you can find him here and keep up with his own musings, book reviews, photos, and such. He is in the middle of writing a novel, and it's not a dopey self-published one, either. He is under contract with a publisher and has an editor and everything! It's pretty exciting times. You should keep up with The Professor. Just make this one small trade, one Case for another.

In closing, thanks and much love and congratulatory butt-slaps to any long-term followers reading this. You stuck it out! Six years is an ETERNITY on the Internet. Consider me impressed!

For the time being, I'm still on Instagram as "casemama" (not linking because that also sounds unfun, and in the dead of winter I need to shed all the unfun I can, folks), or at least until I'm not. The Internet makes us an easily-bored people.

Love to your mother, fool.


anniem2 said...

Gosh! I really wanted to see how the kitchen turned out. Good luck! Thanks for giving this stranger some giggles.

Anonymous said...

I also am sooooo disappointed to not see your kitchen reveal. I've been stalking every so often to see if you posted about it. Insert sad face! You so deserve a nice kitchen! Cheers!