Saturday, July 5, 2014

Interview with a Seven-Year-Old

Interview with one pretty awesome 7-year-old. Mohawk edition. We had some time alone today during the sleepy, still part of the afternoon, so I asked if he'd like me to interview him. He agreed. All of his answers took lots of time and thought; this kid does nothing rashly or without careful consideration. He is very deliberate.

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Christine: "Please state your name."

B: "B.R. Case."

C: "What grade are you going to be in?"

B: "First. I mean, second." (second)

C: "What is your favorite food?"

B: "Hamburgers."

C: "What do you like on your hamburgers?"

B: "Ketchup and mustard."

C: "No cheese?"

B: "No cheese."

C: "What's the best thing we've done this summer?"

B: "Hm. The times we went to our grandma and grandpa's house."

C: "What is your favorite thing about your brother J?"

B: "He never tries to bug me when I'm reading a book."

C: (laughs)

B, defensively: "What?!"

C: "I just think that's a really good answer. It made me laugh...So what's your favorite book?"

B: "Hero Factory." (This is disappointing to me, but he is seven.)

C: "What is your favorite thing to do? Like if you had a day free, what would you do?"

B: "I would play video games all day because we don't have any video games."

C: "What's your favorite thing about your sister?"

B: "She likes Batman better than unicorns." (This is perhaps not factually accurate, though she does like Batman a lot.)

C: "So what's your favorite thing about H?"

B: "Like when I'm drawing a picture, he doesn't mess it up."

C: "What thing do you think you do best?"

B: "Read well."

C: "What is one thing you think you could work on?" (I had to explain this one a few times for clarity.)

B: "Not hurting H when I'm frustrated." (This surprised me, since it's just not true. B and H are best brother friends.)

C: "What's your favorite thing to play outside?"

B: "Soccer."

C: "Okay. When you grow up, what book would you like to write? Or you could tell me what it's about."

B: "Bats, non-fiction books, about how they live and what they eat and how many types of bats there are. I think that's it."

C: "If you could have a pet, what would it be and what would you name it?"

B: "I would have a dog; I would name it Scruffy. He would be a Golden Retriever 'cause Golden Retrievers, if you throw a stick, they fetch it, and that's why they're called retrievers."

(bathroom break)

B: "Another question you could ask is if you could make yourself into any dessert, what would it be."

C: "Okay. If you could be any dessert, what would it be?"

B: "Chocolate chip cookies."

C: "Okay. Two more questions. What's your favorite video game to play at Ta and Pa's?" (his grandparents, my parents)

B: "It would be Mario Cart on the Wii."

C: "Last question. What is the best thing you've done so far this summer?"

B: "Ride my bicycle without training wheels."

That's a wrap! What a cool kid. (P.S.: When we finished up, he asked to ride his bike outside. I was sitting at the dining room table, and after a few minutes I heard his talking while riding his bike on the sidewalk underneath the window, which is built on a gradual slope all the kids have struggled with on their bikes. He was chanting, "Don't stop, don't stop" to himself as he pushed with all his might to make it up the slope on his own. Cool kid.)

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