Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DIY Salvaged Frame

Quick post here to show you that I can browse Pinterest just like the best of them.

No, I didn't slather mason jars in chalkboard paint and then turn them into light fixtures. I'm not that far gone.

Actually, my friend Annie, who is a true artist and a whiz at decorating her house with found objects, inspired me to complete this project. A few months ago our neighbors threw out a HUGE frame in the alley, and I salvaged it because I saw potential and also I love free things. And then it sat in my basement and I forgot about it, until Annie showed me an old frame she had transformed into an easily-changed picture display frame. She had used already-in-place nails to mount lines of sturdy wire across the width of the frame and then mounted photos using clips. I liked the idea and knew my massive frame would work beautifully, so I got to work.

(It helps that I saw the same thing at Marshall's for around $60 and immediately recoiled at the cost-to-effort ratio.)

First I found a can of yellow spray paint and painted the nasty faux-oak. The paint couldn't reach into the huge cracks and creases of the frame, but I actually like the effect of the black cracks on yellow surface a lot more than just plain yellow. Then I measured gaps at 3-4" intervals on each side and marked where I wanted lines of wire to hang. I then painstakingly screwed eyelet hooks into each marked spot; next, I twisted sturdy wire through each hook. Finally I gathered printed photos of our family and hung them to the wire with fancy paperclips and mini clothespins. My husband hung it for me in our tiny hallway between our bedroom and bathroom, where it is the first thing you see when you walk through our front door.

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Previously I had a large canvas hanging there, but it hung horizontally and didn't mimic the shape of the arched doorway very well. I like this a lot better, and I love the pop of color it lends to the hallway. Plus I love seeing all those people we love and cherish.

Baby H is here to be your faithful guide. He and I have had some very serious discussions about not petting the pictures too much. Honestly, he wants to kiss all the faces, which is what happens when you raise your baby to be Orthodox.

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I know this project isn't earth-shattering or original or maybe your cup of tea. That's totally okay. But I really like it, and I'm proud of myself for accomplishing something outside of the normal laundry/housework/diaper duty/teaching/trooping through snow routine. Also, this is my blog, so I can show any and all overdone projects that I want. #winning

And it's worth mentioning that at the very center of our photo web is a picture of the couple that started it all. This picture is from our college Christmas banquet from Christmas 2004.

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Now go and make something of your own! Extra points if you can also use something discarded by your neighbors.

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