Wednesday, August 28, 2013

O Alma Mater

Well, summer is over (at least break is), and for the first time in several years I have to keep a set schedule and prepare lesson plans.

Because, you see, I am teaching as an adjunct at my alma mater.

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And yes, I'm teaching College Writing II, and yes, I'm using a lot of run-on sentences and incomplete sentences and what-have-you, and you know what?, stop judging, this is a blog.

My three sweet big kids started school last week, just in time for the hottest days of the entire year, and are settling into the routines of first grade (J & B) and kindergarten (KPtB.) The transition has been a little tough on the boys, who are learning that, while first grade can be fun, it certainly isn't kindergarten. Also, did I mention that it's hot? Our schools are numerous and old and not really designed for school in August, which means no air conditioning. So the kids and teachers go stark raving mad for the first couple of weeks, and I have nothing but respect for the teachers who are attempting to get in any amount of learning that they can while perched in a close classroom with 25 melting six-year-olds on the third floor of an ancient building.

I have respect, y'all.

(Oh, and King Peter? At the end of her first day of school, which ended up being 8.5 hours long when you include bus rides, she bounded off of her bus, sweaty to her marrow, and shouted, "I LOVE IT!!" with more enthusiasm than I will ever be able to muster for anything in my entire life. Her transition has been seamless and enviably perfect.)

Since three of my children are in school all day and The Professor is using this academic year to write his dissertation (which means a normal schedule without daily trips to Notre Dame, which means between him and a sweet friend, H is taken care of while I teach), it seemed like a suitable time for me to jump into teaching again. So I am officially an adjunct professor with the English Department, my old stomping grounds, teaching two sections of College Writing II. I teach one class each day, so yes, now I have a schedule that revolves around more than laundry and dusting. It feels weird.

I have no doubt that I can DO that work required, nor do I doubt that I will be good, because you guys. I am a good teacher. I am a great communicator. I am a pretty dang good writer, and I know my MLA. (As long as I have the book.) I am not bragging; I am just acknowledging the gifts I have been given, and I hope all this translates into a positive first semester teaching at the college level.

For full disclosure: I am the least athletic person in the world. No matter how hard I try, I cannot master Rachmaninoff. Math beyond fractions makes me cry, and as much as I can admire and believe in science, most of it is beyond me. I cannot reliably spell "accommodate." I am selfish. I have a hard time reading books that are new to me. I am not very brave.

But I can teach, and so we'll see if I remember anything after being a full-time mom for six years. Really, all those lessons I've learned as a mom should definitely come in handy, and as sweet as these college students are, they are 19 and 20 and 21. They are babies. We will be okay.

School. Hold your breath. Close your eyes. Jump in. It's going to be fine.

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Raechel said...

This makes me just so excited! Somehow, one of us making it out of full-time motherhood and into the adult world again - I don't know, it's just marvelous! And yes, you ARE good at teaching and writing! You're the beans!

Does going back to college at all make you miss your Texas shrine? Even just a little?