Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Case Style

We've been busy, as I'm sure many of you have, baking, wrapping, drinking hot cocoa, and keeping secrets from one another. Miraculously we have avoided a Case Pukefest 2011. We haven't been so lucky in previous years (oh man, last year was bad), and as hokey as it sounds, we are calling it a Christmas miracle and giving all glory to Jesus. J contracted a drippy cough about a week ago, and we braced for the worst, but it petered out after just a few days and didn't spread to anyone else. This is HUGE news around here, as I don't think this (someone getting sick and then failing to spread the love) has ever happened before. I'm probably jinxing myself just telling y'all about it.

Anyway! Enough writing about not being sick. We're well and good and happy and snug in our little home. Baby H is growing out of six month clothing at two months old, and I'm looking at a 90% handmade Christmas without any eleventh-hour projects on the docket. The older kids are EXCITED SO VERY EXCITED about Santa coming to visit, although B has informed me that he does not, under any circumstances, want to actually meet Santa. When told that Santa only visits once kids are asleep, he experienced immediate relief from stranger danger. So. To our kids, Santa is apparently a rather creepy benevolent being. What is his motive, anyway?

I'll share with you the photo we're including in our Christmas cards (which are getting addressed tomorrow, HAHAHA, I am over it):


Merriest of Christmases, guys. We're so excited to greet our Savior, our King, who is borne of the Virgin Mary and came to save our souls!

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Callie Feyen said...

Adorable Christmas picture! And I think it IS a Christmas miracle that nobody got sick. We've yet to get through a "sick free" Christmas.

Happy New Year to you!